CEO / Founder, Entwurfreich GmbH, GERMANY

Simon Gorski is a passionate entrepreneur and founder and CEO of ENTWURFREICH - a global design and innovation consultancy.

Born in Wuppertal, Simon Gorski entered the business world as an entrepreneur at the age of 18, establishing one of the first mobile bartender services for business events in Germany. He quickly understood that genuine entrepreneurship is about understanding people's issues and being the fastest market participant. After his first successful exit, he invested his money in the launch of his new company: ENTWURFREICH.

Over the next seven years, Simon developed entrepreneurial methods to identify customer needs and transform them into a business concept. He has also developed his new company into a global design and innovation consultancy and continues to serve Fortune 500 customers in the consumer electronics, medical device, and electromobility industries with the development of desirable products and services.

Simon Gorski is equally a businessman and a creative mind. He is one hundred percent committed to entrepreneurship with excellent customer experience. On the basis of his success, he has proven that creativity and empathy in an opaque business world are powerful tools on the path to business success.

As an experienced speaker, he performs on stages in international hotspots such as San Francisco, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Helsinki and Berlin. Based on real-life experiences, he discusses the challenges that are necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

» Tuesday, 28. April, 14:20 - Moderation of the panel discussion: What promotes and what inhibits the development and marketing of smart products?